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I enjoy travelling, but I get stressed out about what to take and ways to pack everything. As a regular tourist, I like to be neat and coordinated. Taking a trip becomes a lot easier when everything is neatly packed and is easy to find, whether it's in my travel bag, my carry-on baggage or my luggage. Finding your way to the destination after a seemingly endless flight can be tiring. Then comes the long queues at arrival counters, adapting to the weather or time difference, handling difficult taxi drivers or taking public transport. Finally, arriving to register into the bed amp; breakfast. What many want is to then take a soothing shower and chill out. The last thing I want is to be looking through the suitcase to get the shower gel and face wash. To compare more, please check-out Find out more at http://www.amazon.com/Toiletry-Travel-Cosmetic-Women-Roomi/dp/B0166E5ZWQ/toiletry bag/. It can be frustrating to open the toiletry bag only to discover that it's a messy mix of bottles, tubes and sprays. And what if you must take out all the bottles and tubes onto the bed in order to find a smaller but urgent item like a cotton bud? Thus having sections makes it more useful. The Roomi Hanging Toiletry Bag does all of it and permits one to say good bye to messy cosmetic bags and hello to easy to find toiletries on the next vacation!.