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("MySkin" is a built-in MW skin, we should use another name to avoid conflicts...)
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Please replace "TheSkin" with your skin's name:

MediaWiki is an open-source project and users are encouraged to make any MediaWiki skins under an Open Source Initiative (OSI) approved GPLv2 compatible license (including MIT, BSD, PD). For skins that have a compatible license, you can request commit access to the MediaWiki source repository for skins. Alternatively, you may also post your code directly on your skin's page, although that is not the preferred method.

A developer sharing their code on the MediaWiki wiki or code repository should expect:

Feedback / Criticism / Code reviews
Review and comments by other developers on things like framework use, security, efficiency and usability.
Developer tweaking
Other developers modifying your submission to improve or clean-up your code to meet new framework classes and methods, coding conventions and translations.
Improved access for wiki sysadmins
If you do decide to put your code on the wiki, another developer may decide to move it to the MediaWiki code repository for easier maintenance. You may then request commit access to continue maintaining it.
Future versions by other developers
New branches of your code being created by other developers as new versions of MediaWiki are released.
Credit for your work being preserved in future versions
Similarly, you should credit the developers of any skins whose code you borrow from.

Any developer who is uncomfortable with any of these actions occurring should not host their code directly on the MediaWiki wiki or code repository. You are still encouraged to create a summary page for your skin on the wiki to let people know about the skin, and where to download it. You may also add the {{Skin exception}} template to your skin requesting other developers refrain from modifying your code, although no guarantees can be made that an update will be made if deemed important for security or compatibility reasons. You may use the current issues noticeboard if you feel another developer has violated the spirit of these expectations in editing your skin.

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